BCS Shop Heaters & Furnaces

Using Wood Energy is Smart Business

For over 20 years, Biomass Combustion Systems (BCS) and our customers have recognized that heating with wood waste is the cost effective response to fluctuating fuel prices and a means of avoiding waste disposal costs.  As wood combustion experts, BCS captures the power of all wood types by designing and manufacturing combustion furnaces that convert wood to fuel. Designed for industrial users and with capacity up to 800,000 BTU/hr, these systems are built to be rugged and will withstand years of operation.

BCS Hot Air Shop Heaters: These furnaces have a patented “afterburn” chamber that re-burns the smoke at higher temperatures for clean, smokeless emissions. Before entering the chamber all flue gases are forced into an “S” path which throws out the larger unburned solids through centrifugal force. Smaller particles and gases which make it into the afterburn chamber are burned in this chamber where temperatures are the hottest in the firebox. After leaving the chamber, flue gases are pulled through three more right angle turns to ensure that all unburned solids drop out before exiting the stack.

Durability: The hot air Shop Heaters have heavy steel circular fireboxes that do not contain any refractory brick. This permits you to throw chunk wood into the firebox without worrying about chipping or cracking the brick inside. The circular firebox equally distributes expansion and contraction caused by heating and cooling. In contrast, rectangular fireboxes concentrate expansion and contraction along the corners of the firebox. Our system’s design also allows for expansion and contraction with normal heating and cooling, minimizing stress to the steel.

Ease of Use & Maintenance: In addition to saving heating costs, our systems are designed for long term ease of use. To maintain heat transfer efficiency the heat exchanger of any wood burning furnace should be cleaned regularly. With the BCS furnace, cleaning is straightforward because the heat exchanger is easily accessible through doors above the firebox loading door.