BCS Wood-fired Boilers

Over the past 22 years, the fully automated steam and hot water boiler applications of the Horizontal Zoned Grate Combustion system applications by BCS has evolved from 100 to 600 HP.

Durability: The Horizontal Zoned Grate design by BCS has stood the test of time by retaining its flexibility and efficiency across a wide range of wood fuel moisture contents, particle sizes and densities. Moreover, design elements such as two variable speed fans over the fire, and air circulation at different heights, maximizes the amount of turbulence and residence time.

Ease and Low Maintenance: The basic premise of this combustion design is to give the operator maximum control over air and fuel feed while maintaining a “Keep it Simple” approach to controls and system operation.  We encourage prospective customers to talk with companies using this Horizontal Zoned Grate Combustion System to confirm its value compared to other combustion technologies.

The BCS system pushes ash across the grate, enabling ash collection only at the back of the boiler.  Compared to the inconvenience of “volcano” shaped pile in a Feed Stoker system, it is much easier to rake out ash in the Horizontal Zoned Grate System. Other unique features such as 12 inch of dead grate area, cone-shaped air entry point, and introduction of fuel straight into one end of the the firebox  prevents hang up, causes less stress on the auger, reducing the need for maintenance.

BCS uses this combustion system in both new wood fired boiler projects and to retrofit existing boilers.  If you are considering using another combustion system, please  carefully review the advantages of this combustion system over the alternatives.  See how companies like Oak Hill Veneer have taken advantage of our new and retrofit installations.

Customer Service:  At BCS we believe that efficient wood combustion is not rocket science. It really comes down to two variables: air and fuel. Efficient combustion is simply keeping the proper balance between air and fuel delivery. When we start up a boiler we not only talk about how to run the boiler, we explain why we are making changes to educate the operator(s) on how to maintain that balance. Wood fuel will vary, and demand on the boiler will vary over the year. All wood boilers will need occasional air and fuel adjustments. Our system makes those occasional adjustments easy, and our education process gives the operator the necessary knowledge to make those adjustments. The operators of Under Feed Stokers boilers we have talked to do not have the same level knowledge of wood combustion that we provide our operators.

The true test of any company’s customer service is their response when something is wrong with the boiler. If you have a problem with our system and call BCS, you will talk directly to one of the Principals in the Company. We know that our Company’s reputation rests on how we respond to your needs. We have thought about, and worked with, the same combustion system for more than 20 years and are out to prove that it is the best on the market. There is no way we would ever let your Company be anything but completely satisfied with our